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Why You Need a Flushing Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling fan install flushing mi electricianNow that we’re experiencing some warmer weather, our Flushing electricians are being asked to install more ceiling fans than they do during the cold months. This isn’t surprising—it happens every year when the temperatures start to heat up. People start thinking about how to keep their homes cool without running their air conditioning unit too much. [Read more…]

Experienced Electricians for Homes in Genesee County with Knob and Tube Wiring

flint-mi-electricianKnob and tube wiring, sometimes called simply K & T wiring, is common to find in older homes built from 1890-1930. Even some homes in Flint, Flushing, and Grand Blanc, built in the 1940s or 1950s, contain knob and tube wiring, though it not as common. If your Genesee County home has knob and tube wiring, and you haven’t yet replaced it, we wanted to give you some information that can help you make an informed decision about whether you should leave it, consider rewiring your home, or do something in between. [Read more…]

Answering FAQs About LED Lighting for Genesee County Homes


As electricians, we get a lot of questions about LED lighting. How long do LED lights really last? Are LED lights worth the higher upfront costs? How much will changing to LED lighting save me in electricity costs?

These are all great questions, and ones you should be asking if you are considering switching to LED lighting. Though the answers to these questions depend on your unique situation, we will do our best to help you decide if LED lighting is the right choice for your home or business. [Read more…]

Using an Electrician to Help You Save Energy in Your Grand Blanc Home or Business

electrician-express-gand-blanc-save-energyWe’ve all heard about the various ways to save energy in our homes. You can turn off lights and electronics when you leave a room, replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, buy energy efficient appliances, and a host of other things. These are all great ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, and are fairly easy for the average homeowner to do. But as electricians in the Genesee County area, we wanted to offer a few more energy saving ideas that may require the help of an electrician.

Add Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great way to save on energy costs when it comes to lighting. Many Grand Blanc homeowners use them with their outdoor lighting systems, so that lights only come on when someone approaches or leaves the house, but they can also be installed inside the home. Not only do motion sensors help save energy, but they are also convenient when placed in areas you often enter with your hands full, like the garage, mudroom, laundry room, or entryway. [Read more…]