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Outdoor Lighting Options for your Grand Blanc or Flushing Home

outdoor lighting electrician flint flushing miIf you plan on spending more time outdoors as the weather gets nicer, now’s the time to consider calling a Genesee County electrician to add some outdoor lighting to your Grand Blanc or Flushing home. Especially if you plan on doing any outdoor entertaining, nothing helps set the ambiance quite like a well-designed outdoor lighting scheme that includes landscape lighting and strategically placed wall-mounted lights, ceiling-mounted lights (if you have a covered patio or porch), or post-mounted lights. [Read more…]

Say Good-Bye to Outdoor Extension Cords with Help from a Flint Electrician

flint mi electrician outdoor outletsIf you’re someone who hangs Christmas lights during the holidays, you’ve probably already completed the task for this year. Like most people, you likely ran an extension cord from one of your outdoor outlets up the side of your house, to the edge of your roof where you began hanging your lights. Maybe you even used multiple extension cords to get the job done. What if, next Christmas, you were able to forego the extension cords, and plug your lights in at a more convenient location? [Read more…]

5 Times it’s Important to Call an Electrician in and Around the Flint and Grand Blanc Areas

Everyone is looking to save money, and there are certain times when those of you who are handy with tools are able to do certain electrical tasks around your home or business without calling in an electrician. But there are definitely times when calling in a pro is the smartest move, especially when your safety is concerned. Here is a list of five times when it makes sense to call a professional electrician, rather than trying to go the DIY route.

  1. When the work is being permitted

Many electrical projects require a permit from your local building department, and this means that all of your electrical work needs to be up to code. Our licensed electricians know the building code and will do the work right the first time, so you can pass inspection and not hold up your building or remodel project. [Read more…]

Add Landscape Lighting to your Grand Blanc Home for Beauty and Safety

If there’s anything that makes an outdoor area really stand out, it’s landscape lighting. Adding lighting to your yard, deck, patio, or walkway can transform the look and feel of your outdoor space, making it more attractive, and also more functional. With landscape lighting, you can highlight special features of your home’s exterior or landscaping using spotlights. You can create the ambiance you want, or you can make a space that was previously unusable in evenings into one that is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The options are limitless!

Two common choices for outdoor lighting are LEDs on a 120-volt system, or low-voltage lighting. Both have advantages and disadvantages that your electrician can discuss with you. For example, LED bulbs are long lasting, but may not have the warm glow you want in landscape lighting. Low-voltage lighting is safe and gives off the soft color quality most people want in outdoor lighting, but since their wires are buried just below the surface of the ground, they can potentially be damaged by animals or yard tools. [Read more…]