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Replacing Ungrounded Outlets in Your Home? Call a Flushing Electrician

grounded vs ungrounded electrical outlets

Ungrounded outlets are a common problem in older homes. Prior to the 1960s, these types of outlets were the standard, but due to improved safety regulations, grounded outlets have been required in new homes built since. Grounded outlets protect your home in the case of a power surge. If left unprotected, as is the case if you have ungrounded outlets, power surges can lead to destroyed appliances and electronic devices, or even worse, a house fire. [Read more…]

Grand Blanc Customer Posts Rave Review of Electrician Express’s Work and Customer Service

grand blanc electrician customer reviewRecently, our company received a new review and recommendation by a customer on our Facebook page. We wanted to share this review with you in case you didn’t see it and are interested in what others have to say about the work our electricians do. [Read more…]

Electrician Serving Flushing, Grand Blanc, Flint, and Pontiac in Emergency Situations

emergency electrician grand blancHaving been in the electrical repair business in Genesee County for as long as we have, we recognize that electrical emergencies don’t always happen on weekdays, between the hours of 9 and 5. They can happen at any time, including on weekends, on holidays, or even in the middle of the night. And given the nature of electrical emergencies, you don’t want to wait a long time for an electrician to come to your home or place of business to fix the problem. [Read more…]

Electrician Express Tops the List of the Best Electricians in Grand Blanc

grand blanc mi electricianThese days, most of our customers either call us because our company was recommended to them by a friend or neighbor, or they find us online. They may have found us by typing in a Google search like “Electrician in Grand Blanc” or “Flint electrician.” Or they may have visited one or more of the online sites that post customer reviews on companies of all types, including electricians. [Read more…]

Diagnosing Complex Electrical Problems for our Genesee County Customers

electrician genesee county flint miAfter more than 32 years of experience as electricians, we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to electrical work. As many of our customers will tell you, we are experts at troubleshooting and diagnosing complex electrical problems in homes and commercial buildings. With our combination of formal electrical training and “real world” experience, our electricians know when to repair, and when replacement is necessary to provide our customers with safe electrical systems with optimal functionality. [Read more…]

The Electrician Express Experience: Testimonials from our Genesee County Customers

genesee county electricianAt Electrician Express, we place a high priority on customer service and customer satisfaction. We work hard to meet our customers’ needs, and do so with honesty and professionalism. We want our company’s name to be one that is respected in Genesee County and known for providing excellent electrical service at a fair price. [Read more…]

Flint Couple Praises Electrician Express for Same-Day Service and Honest Pricing

electrician-express-flint-michigan-electrician-reviewWe spend a lot of time on this blog telling you what separates Electrician Express from other electricians in the Flushing area. But sometimes, our customers do a better job than even we can to explain why Electrician Express stands out from the competition. Today, we want to highlight a review we received from some of our customers in Flint.

D. and Terry are not new to calling contractors and electricians out to their home in Flint. They’ve had a lot of work done on their home in the last several years, including some electrical work done by companies other than Electrician Express. In their review, they say, “Some of the contractors and electricians would give an initial estimate, but they almost never came in under their estimate and sometimes additional charges really added up!” [Read more…]

Customer “Very Pleased” with the Work Done by Electrician Express in Genesee County

electrician-express-gand-blancRecently, one of our residential customers, Michael P., left us a review on Google that we wanted to share with you. Michael needed some electrical work done on his Genesee County home over the weekend and gave us a call. One of our electricians, John, went to Michael’s house to complete the electrical work, and in Michael’s words, he was “very pleased.”

We know that some of our customers, like Michael, aren’t able to be home during weekdays because of work schedules, so we offer evening and weekend appointments for those customers. This is one of the ways we put customers first—by adjusting our hours to their schedules, rather than making them take time off from work to wait around their houses for an electrician to show up. [Read more…]

Flushing, MI Homeowner Praises Electrician Express for “Excellent” Work

We recently received a review from one of our customers that was too good not to share! It came from Bonnie D. in Flushing. We helped her and her husband with a residential remodeling project, and she was so impressed with the work we did and our price, she decided to leave us a Google review and rate us as a five-star business (the highest possible rating).

In her review, Bonnie states, “Crandell’s Electrician Express could not have been more helpful.” She also said the job went “smoother than expected.” We know that building and remodeling projects can be stressful. That’s why we always strive to make your experience with our electricians as easy as possible. We’ll do the job right the first time and not leave a mess in your home for you to have to clean up after we leave. [Read more…]

The Importance of Building a Relationship with a Trusted Electrician

We understand that when you are looking for an electrician in Grand Blanc or Genesee County that there are many choices. So, how do you decide who will complete the job properly and give you the best service?

We think the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from past customers are a great way to get a better understanding of the quality of service we provide, and we hope they help you make the decision as to which electrician you should hire.

Take this review we received from a repeat customer:

“This was our third occasion to use your service. As always, very pleased with the work done, the cost, and the pleasant manner. Would recommend highly to anyone needing an electrician!”

J. Holden, Flint, MI [Read more…]