Hiring a Genesee County Electrician for Your DIY Remodel

genesee county electrician home remodelIf all of the home improvement shows are to be believed, most people these days want their home to be an “open concept” home. Meaning, they want a large, open living space, where the kitchen, dining room, and family room flow into one another without those pesky walls in the way.

An open concept home has many advantages—it allows whoever is cooking to be able to interact with the rest of the household, it brightens up a space, and it can improve the house’s overall “flow.”  However, most older homes in Genesee County are more compartmentalized, causing some to want to take down walls in pursuit of an open concept home and the benefits that come with it.

For those who are handy, taking down a wall or two is a very do-able (and gratifying) DIY project, but as professional electricians, we want to give you a word of advice: if you aren’t experienced with electrical work, hiring an electrician to reroute any electrical lines is money well spent! Not only for your safety, but also so that the job is done right. You don’t want run into problems down the road because you didn’t install the proper electrical receptacles, an adequate amount of receptacles, or because you made any of the other mistakes commonly made by DIYers.

You also want to make sure the job is done according to code. If you don’t, when you go to sell your house sometime in the future, you may find yourself having to redo all of the electrical work to bring it up to code.

Other professionals to consider calling in when you remove a wall in your home would be an HVAC specialist, a plumber, and a structural engineer (in case the wall is load-bearing).

If you are removing walls, or taking on any other sort of remodeling project in your home, it is also a great time to have a safety inspection done on your electrical system, and possibly consider upgrading older electrical work at the same time. An electrician from Electrician Express can come to your Genesee County home and give you a full home electrical safety inspection. Our trusted electricians will recommend any needed repairs or upgrades that well help make your home a safer place for you and your family.

DIY home remodeling projects are great! You can get impressive results for not a lot of money when you take on most of the work yourself. But know your limits. Hire a professional, like an electrician, before you get into an unsafe situation. The electricians at Electrician Express are here to help whenever you need us! Contact us through our website our give us a call to set up a time for one of our electricians to come out to your home.

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