Electrical Safety and Building Security for Genesee County Businesses

commercial electrician flint michiganSafety and security are important things to consider when you own and operate a business. Not only do you want to protect the building itself, but also the people that work and do business there. Read on to find out how an electrician can help make your business a more safe and secure place.

Protecting Your Building and Everything in It With Electrical Inspections and Upgrades

Make sure your electrical systems are in good working order by having an electrical safety inspection completed regularly. An experienced electrician can inform you of any potential fire hazards in your building and correct any problems in its electrical system. Having a regular inspection is a small price to pay when you consider the value of your building and all the equipment and data housed inside of it.

If losing power would put your building or employees at risk, make sure you have a generator system in place in the event of a power outage. If you already have a generator, you should have it regularly inspected and maintained so it is sure to be operational when you need it.

Whole-facility surge protection is another precaution you can take to protect your building and the equipment inside of it. Electrical surges are particularly damaging to HVAC systems and other expensive electrical equipment, but that damage can be prevented by installing whole-facility surge protection. If you don’t already have surge protection for your commercial building, ask a certified electrician about having it installed.

Safety and Security for Your Employees and Customers

No one wants to work or do business in a place where they feel unsafe, and it only takes few safety and security features to make a huge difference in how your employees and customers feel in your place of business.

Lighting plays a huge role in safety and security. Is your parking lot well lit for your customers? Do your employees feel safe leaving your building after work at night? If you think the answer is probably “no,” you may want to consider adding some additional lighting to the outside of your building. Doing so might also come with the added benefit of bringing more customers through your doors, since a well-lit exterior communicates to your customers that you are ready to do business!

You should also make sure you have an adequate amount of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed and keep them well maintained at all times. If you aren’t sure how many smoke detectors you should have for the size of your building, or if you’d like your detectors inspected, contact a local Genesee County electrician.

Building Security

No one likes to think about the possibility of theft or vandalism, but the risk is there and should not be ignored. Adding security lighting can be a huge deterrent to criminals, but you may also want to consult with your local Flushing electrician about installing security camera systems or infrared thermal imaging to your commercial building.

Owning a commercial building or retail space is a sizable investment. Protect that investment by keeping your building well maintained and free from hazards. Contact Electrician Express if you are in need of the expertise of a certified Genesee County electrician for your business space.

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