Hiring an Electrician to Add Modern Touches to Your Genesee County Home


Whether you are getting your house ready to sell, or you want to add more modern features to your home to enhance your lifestyle, calling in a professional electrician, like those at Electrician Express in Flushing, can make things much easier. Below are some of the projects we can help Genesee County homeowners with so they can take advantage of some of the latest home improvement technology.

Installing or Moving Outlets for your Wall-Mounted Television

Wall-mounted flat screen televisions are great because they give you many more options for displaying your television. You no longer need a large wall space for an entertainment center to house your television. Now, you can hang your television over your fireplace, or almost anywhere you like. However, unless you have a new home, there is likely not an outlet in the area on your wall that you want to place your television, which means you will have an unsightly wire (or wires) hanging down from your television.

A professional electrician can add or move electrical outlets and cable outlets to the exact location on your wall where your television will be hung, so you can have the wall-mounted television you want, without having to look at the wires.

Wiring for Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Changing the lighting in your home can do a lot to make it look and feel much more modern. Adding recessed lighting to the main living areas of your house is a great way to do this. Have your electrician also add a dimmer switch to give you lighting options that can be changed based on the mood you want to set.

A ceiling fan is another addition that can really change the look of a room. However, unless you want to operate the fan exclusively by the pull-chain attached to the fan itself, you may want to have an electrician install an additional switch to control the fan.

Using an Electrician to Install a Smart Thermostat

Several new “smart thermostats” have entered marketplace in the last several years. They are great devices that help you save on your energy bills and allow you to remotely control the temperature of your home. Different models have different features, such as those that learn your energy use habits, or those that can detect occupancy in areas of your house and heat or cool those areas accordingly.

These devices are readily available at all the major home improvement stores, but unless you are experienced in electrical work, you should call an electrician to come to your Genesee County home to properly install it for you. If you have an older home, you will need to have a second wire installed (called a C-wire or common wire) in order for your smart thermostat to work, which is not a job most DIY-ers can handle.

Wired Security Systems that Deter Burglars

Wired home security systems offer great peace of mind for Flint, Grand Blanc, and Flushing homes because they are extremely reliable. However, wired home security systems often require the presence of a closed electrical circuit, with wires running from the control panel to each sensor within the system. The security system also needs to be installed in such a way that potential burglars aren’t able to easily disable the system, and this requires the expertise of a professional electrician.

Our experienced electricians at Electrician Express in Flushing can help you install the security system of your choice, or we can help you choose a system that will fit your needs.

Choose a Licensed Electrician in Flushing

Don’t put off upgrades to your home because you are uncertain about the electrical aspects of the projects. Leave that to us at Electrician Express! Contact us today to get a quote on what it will cost to turn your house into the modern home with all the features you’ve been wanting.

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