Residential Electrical Safety Inspections for Genesee County Homeowners


If you’re like most people, you don’t think about having an electrical safety inspection on your home, and you only call in an electrician if you have a problem or are remodeling your home. But as professional electricians, we recommend that you have your house inspected periodically for potential fire hazards by calling in an electrician for a residential electrical safety inspection.

According to the National Fire Data Center, electrical malfunction is the second leading cause of residential fire deaths in the United States and is also responsible for almost a billion dollars in property damage annually. Given these statistics, it is wise for homeowners to have their home inspected if they haven’t done so in more than five years. If you are a landlord, a good time to have an electrical safety inspection done is when you are in between tenants. That way, you can make any needed repairs without disturbing the occupants, and you can also assure the next tenants that the house is safe from any electrical hazards.

During a residential safety inspection, one of the experienced master electricians at Electrician Express will thoroughly inspect your home to make sure all electrical components meet local code requirements and are properly grounded, bonded, and wired. We will also test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to make sure they are operational, test your outlets and switches, and check your wiring.

Following your home safety inspection, our electricians will make recommendations for any needed or suggested repairs or upgrades. Older homes do not necessarily need to comply with all of the latest building standards, but for the safety of you and your family, you should consider making certain electrical upgrades, such as adding ground fault interrupters (GFIs) in the kitchen and bathrooms. Of course, the electricians at Electrician Express are happy to complete all needed repairs in a timely manner, and our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Don’t wait until there is an unsafe situation in your home to call an electrician! Contact Electrician Express today to schedule a residential safety inspection. We are happy to serve the cities of Flushing, Pontiac, Grand Blanc, Flint, Fenton, and all of Genesee County.

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