5 Times it’s Important to Call an Electrician in and Around the Flint and Grand Blanc Areas

Everyone is looking to save money, and there are certain times when those of you who are handy with tools are able to do certain electrical tasks around your home or business without calling in an electrician. But there are definitely times when calling in a pro is the smartest move, especially when your safety is concerned. Here is a list of five times when it makes sense to call a professional electrician, rather than trying to go the DIY route.

  1. When the work is being permitted

Many electrical projects require a permit from your local building department, and this means that all of your electrical work needs to be up to code. Our licensed electricians know the building code and will do the work right the first time, so you can pass inspection and not hold up your building or remodel project.

  1. When you are upgrading or replacing your electric service panel

As you add additional electrical circuits during a remodel or add-on to your home, you may need to upgrade your panel. Replacing an electrical panel can be dangerous work if you aren’t properly trained. Plus, improper installation can lead to a whole host of other electrical problems down the road.

  1. When you are adding additional outlets or converting outlets to GFCIs

Adding additional outlets seems like an easy task on the surface, but there are important factors to consider, making it a job for a professional electrician. For example, is the wiring and electrical panel in your home adequate to support additional outlets? Is there a location that is better than others for an outlet? Are there building code considerations?

Similarly, converting traditional outlets to GFCIs is a job that you should consider hiring an electrician for. GFCIs automatically shut off power if water comes in contact with the outlet, so they are important to install in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and the outdoors. They are often not present in older homes in Flint, Grand Blanc, Pontiac, Fenton, or Flushing.

  1. When you are installing outdoor lights

Outdoor lighting can make a big difference to the look of the outside of your Genesee County home, but if you are installing lighting where there previously was none, you will want to consult with an electrician. An electrician can make sure the wiring is properly grounded. They can also offer expertise about lighting that is suitable for the outdoors, and that can better withstand the weather elements in Genesee County.

  1. When you are replacing a light fixture

This is a project that can often be a DIY job, but there are instances when you should call in an electrician. For example, if you’ve installed a higher wattage fixture, then you may need to confirm that the wiring and breaker are sufficient. An electrician can also make sure you have high-temperature insulation, which is needed for many ceiling fans and lights, and often isn’t present in older homes. Finally, an electrician can check that your ceiling mounting will be strong enough to support the new fixture you want to install.

We know that there is a book or online video for virtually any electrical job out there, but be smart and know your limitations when it comes to electrical work that can be dangerous or cause future problems if done improperly.

If you have a job that is in need of an electrical professional, call Electrician Express. We’ll give you honest, up-front pricing and complete the job in a timely manner.


  1. Silas Knight says

    I have always been a fan of doing things myself. I don’t know why, I just don’t like hiring people to do jobs for me. However, after trying multiple times to get an outdoor light installed, I had to hire someone to do it for me. I wish I had read this earlier, and saved myself a lot of time and money!

  2. Jorge McMillan says

    My dad has some serious remodeling around our home and is in the process of adding some new outlets. Well, the last time he tried that it didn’t work and still doesn’t work today. Hopefully this article can convince him that it would be best to hire an electrical contractor to come out and do this kind of job correctly.

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