Benefits of LED Lighting: Tips from Your Trusted Electrician in Grand Blanc and Genesee County

As an electrical contractor, our team knows better than most how much LED lighting is changing the entire lighting industry, and how quickly these changes are happening.  In addition to the many environmental and energy savings benefits of LED lighting, LED bulbs are now being designed for easy installation, making your conversion to LED simple and fast.

In fact, we have retrofit light bulbs available that screw into the same sockets as your incandescent bulbs.  And these bulbs promise 25,000 hours of lifetime and more.

Fluorescent and CFLs vs LEDs

Unlike fluorescents or CFL lamps, LED lamps come on at full brilliance, instantly.  As members of our electrician team know, this feature enables LEDs to save even more energy than CFLs or fluorescents.  And LEDs are fully dimmable.  This contributes not only to energy savings but also to a customized, comfortable décor.

The life expectancy of fluorescent bulbs can drop by as much as 50% based on how often they are switched on and off (“cycled” as electrical contractors refer to it), leading to more frequent replacements and more costs for home and business owners.  This is not the case with LED bulbs.

More Décor Possibilities with LED Lights

As an electrician in Grand Blanc and Genesee County, we know that our customers care about saving energy and they also care about creating and enjoying beautiful lighting in their interior and exterior spaces.  Lighting fixtures designed specifically for LED lights are attractive and easy to use, and they promote even longer lamp life from your LED bulbs.

They can be built with very low profiles, since the actual light emitting diode (LED) takes up very little space, giving you the ability to get the exact look and feel that you want in your home or office. Low profiles also mean that our electrical contractor is able to install lighting in places that previously could not accommodate lighting, such as recessed lighting in tight ceilings and soffit areas.

LEDs for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting technology with LEDs is advancing rapidly and is set to provide homeowners and business owners with energy and cost savings now and in the future.  New outdoor LED lighting options are promising lifetimes of over 100,000 hours. These allow us to light an area with only about 25 percent of the power usage required in the past.  For safety and for design, outdoor LED lighting is fast becoming the smart choice for businesses and for homes.

Your Grand Blanc and Genesee County Electrician Explains: LED Color Temperature

One of the most common questions we receive as an electrical contractor deals with the color temperature of LEDs.  There is a learning curve for choosing the right color temperature when you are switching from incandescent or CFL to LED lighting, so it is best to speak with your electrician about your design objectives, your needs, and the environment you want to create with your lighting.

One thing to look for is the actual color temperature of the LED.  Color temperature is measured in “Kelvin.”  The most popular temperatures offered for LEDs range from 2700-5000 kelvin “k.”  2700k is a warmer light.  LED light with a 2700k temperature is comparable to what you are accustomed to getting from an incandescent bulb.

The higher the number, the whiter light.  When an electrician installs LED lights in the 5000k and over range, the light is almost bluish.  Usually, an electrician will recommend warmer colors (lower numbers) for interior spaces and cooler colors (higher numbers) for outdoor spaces and interiors like shops or factories.

For more information about LEDs in your space, contact your local Grand Blanc and Genesee County electrician.

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