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Electricians in Genesee County You Can Trust

grand blanc flint electricianAnytime you give a company your business, you hope you will be treated fairly and honestly. But often, you have to place a certain amount of trust in that company, especially when they offer a specialized service in field about which you have limited knowledge. Think about your auto mechanic. If you aren’t well versed in the components of a vehicle, you need to trust that your mechanic is telling you the truth when he tells you your car needs thousands of dollars’ worth of work. The same can be true of plumbers, dentists, and yes, electricians. Most are fair and honest, but some take advantage of people whenever they have the opportunity to do so by overcharging them for certain services or performing unnecessary work. Continue reading “Electricians in Genesee County You Can Trust” »

Hiring a Genesee County Electrician for Your DIY Remodel

genesee county electrician home remodelIf all of the home improvement shows are to be believed, most people these days want their home to be an “open concept” home. Meaning, they want a large, open living space, where the kitchen, dining room, and family room flow into one another without those pesky walls in the way. Continue reading “Hiring a Genesee County Electrician for Your DIY Remodel” »

Electrician Express: A True Genesee County Electrician

flint-mi-electricianIn Genesee County, there are basically two types of electrical services companies—privately owned companies that are actually located in the Flushing, Grand Blanc, or Flint areas, and the larger national or regional companies that cover Genesee County, but may be headquartered hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. Some are franchises that may be owned or operated by someone in the community, but behind that local franchise is a large corporation that is setting certain policies and dictating how that business is run. Continue reading “Electrician Express: A True Genesee County Electrician” »

Electrical Safety and Building Security for Genesee County Businesses

commercial electrician flint michiganSafety and security are important things to consider when you own and operate a business. Not only do you want to protect the building itself, but also the people that work and do business there. Read on to find out how an electrician can help make your business a more safe and secure place. Continue reading “Electrical Safety and Building Security for Genesee County Businesses” »

Experienced Electricians for Homes in Genesee County with Knob and Tube Wiring

flint-mi-electricianKnob and tube wiring, sometimes called simply K & T wiring, is common to find in older homes built from 1890-1930. Even some homes in Flint, Flushing, and Grand Blanc, built in the 1940s or 1950s, contain knob and tube wiring, though it not as common. If your Genesee County home has knob and tube wiring, and you haven’t yet replaced it, we wanted to give you some information that can help you make an informed decision about whether you should leave it, consider rewiring your home, or do something in between. Continue reading “Experienced Electricians for Homes in Genesee County with Knob and Tube Wiring” »

Flint Couple Praises Electrician Express for Same-Day Service and Honest Pricing

electrician-express-flint-michigan-electrician-reviewWe spend a lot of time on this blog telling you what separates Electrician Express from other electricians in the Flushing area. But sometimes, our customers do a better job than even we can to explain why Electrician Express stands out from the competition. Today, we want to highlight a review we received from some of our customers in Flint.

D. and Terry are not new to calling contractors and electricians out to their home in Flint. They’ve had a lot of work done on their home in the last several years, including some electrical work done by companies other than Electrician Express. In their review, they say, “Some of the contractors and electricians would give an initial estimate, but they almost never came in under their estimate and sometimes additional charges really added up!” Continue reading “Flint Couple Praises Electrician Express for Same-Day Service and Honest Pricing” »

National Electrical Safety Month Aims to Education Homeowners on Proper Extension Cord Use


If you are like most Genesee County homeowners, you use extension cords for a variety of electrical needs and probably don’t think much about it. But every year, approximately 3,300 home fires originate with the extension cords, resulting in more than 50 deaths and 270 injuries.

This year’s edition of Electrical Safety Illustrated, put out by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) during National Electrical Safety Month (which is this month) cautions homeowners about the dangers of using extension cords improperly or for unintended purposes. Continue reading “National Electrical Safety Month Aims to Education Homeowners on Proper Extension Cord Use” »

Customer “Very Pleased” with the Work Done by Electrician Express in Genesee County

electrician-express-gand-blancRecently, one of our residential customers, Michael P., left us a review on Google that we wanted to share with you. Michael needed some electrical work done on his Genesee County home over the weekend and gave us a call. One of our electricians, John, went to Michael’s house to complete the electrical work, and in Michael’s words, he was “very pleased.”

We know that some of our customers, like Michael, aren’t able to be home during weekdays because of work schedules, so we offer evening and weekend appointments for those customers. This is one of the ways we put customers first—by adjusting our hours to their schedules, rather than making them take time off from work to wait around their houses for an electrician to show up. Continue reading “Customer “Very Pleased” with the Work Done by Electrician Express in Genesee County” »

5 Times it’s Important to Call an Electrician in and Around the Flint and Grand Blanc Areas

Everyone is looking to save money, and there are certain times when those of you who are handy with tools are able to do certain electrical tasks around your home or business without calling in an electrician. But there are definitely times when calling in a pro is the smartest move, especially when your safety is concerned. Here is a list of five times when it makes sense to call a professional electrician, rather than trying to go the DIY route.

  1. When the work is being permitted

Many electrical projects require a permit from your local building department, and this means that all of your electrical work needs to be up to code. Our licensed electricians know the building code and will do the work right the first time, so you can pass inspection and not hold up your building or remodel project. Continue reading “5 Times it’s Important to Call an Electrician in and Around the Flint and Grand Blanc Areas” »

Flushing, MI Homeowner Praises Electrician Express for “Excellent” Work

We recently received a review from one of our customers that was too good not to share! It came from Bonnie D. in Flushing. We helped her and her husband with a residential remodeling project, and she was so impressed with the work we did and our price, she decided to leave us a Google review and rate us as a five-star business (the highest possible rating).

In her review, Bonnie states, “Crandell’s Electrician Express could not have been more helpful.” She also said the job went “smoother than expected.” We know that building and remodeling projects can be stressful. That’s why we always strive to make your experience with our electricians as easy as possible. We’ll do the job right the first time and not leave a mess in your home for you to have to clean up after we leave. Continue reading “Flushing, MI Homeowner Praises Electrician Express for “Excellent” Work” »