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Experienced Electricians for Homes in Genesee County with Knob and Tube Wiring

flint-mi-electricianKnob and tube wiring, sometimes called simply K & T wiring, is common to find in older homes built from 1890-1930. Even some homes in Flint, Flushing, and Grand Blanc, built in the 1940s or 1950s, contain knob and tube wiring, though it not as common. If your Genesee County home has knob and tube wiring, and you haven’t yet replaced it, we wanted to give you some information that can help you make an informed decision about whether you should leave it, consider rewiring your home, or do something in between. Continue reading “Experienced Electricians for Homes in Genesee County with Knob and Tube Wiring” »

Residential Electrical Safety Inspections for Genesee County Homeowners


If you’re like most people, you don’t think about having an electrical safety inspection on your home, and you only call in an electrician if you have a problem or are remodeling your home. But as professional electricians, we recommend that you have your house inspected periodically for potential fire hazards by calling in an electrician for a residential electrical safety inspection.

According to the National Fire Data Center, electrical malfunction is the second leading cause of residential fire deaths in the United States and is also responsible for almost a billion dollars in property damage annually. Given these statistics, it is wise for homeowners to have their home inspected if they haven’t done so in more than five years. If you are a landlord, a good time to have an electrical safety inspection done is when you are in between tenants. That way, you can make any needed repairs without disturbing the occupants, and you can also assure the next tenants that the house is safe from any electrical hazards. Continue reading “Residential Electrical Safety Inspections for Genesee County Homeowners” »

National Electrical Safety Month Aims to Education Homeowners on Proper Extension Cord Use


If you are like most Genesee County homeowners, you use extension cords for a variety of electrical needs and probably don’t think much about it. But every year, approximately 3,300 home fires originate with the extension cords, resulting in more than 50 deaths and 270 injuries.

This year’s edition of Electrical Safety Illustrated, put out by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) during National Electrical Safety Month (which is this month) cautions homeowners about the dangers of using extension cords improperly or for unintended purposes. Continue reading “National Electrical Safety Month Aims to Education Homeowners on Proper Extension Cord Use” »

Answering FAQs About LED Lighting for Genesee County Homes


As electricians, we get a lot of questions about LED lighting. How long do LED lights really last? Are LED lights worth the higher upfront costs? How much will changing to LED lighting save me in electricity costs?

These are all great questions, and ones you should be asking if you are considering switching to LED lighting. Though the answers to these questions depend on your unique situation, we will do our best to help you decide if LED lighting is the right choice for your home or business. Continue reading “Answering FAQs About LED Lighting for Genesee County Homes” »

Customer “Very Pleased” with the Work Done by Electrician Express in Genesee County

electrician-express-gand-blancRecently, one of our residential customers, Michael P., left us a review on Google that we wanted to share with you. Michael needed some electrical work done on his Genesee County home over the weekend and gave us a call. One of our electricians, John, went to Michael’s house to complete the electrical work, and in Michael’s words, he was “very pleased.”

We know that some of our customers, like Michael, aren’t able to be home during weekdays because of work schedules, so we offer evening and weekend appointments for those customers. This is one of the ways we put customers first—by adjusting our hours to their schedules, rather than making them take time off from work to wait around their houses for an electrician to show up. Continue reading “Customer “Very Pleased” with the Work Done by Electrician Express in Genesee County” »

5 Times it’s Important to Call an Electrician in and Around the Flint and Grand Blanc Areas

Everyone is looking to save money, and there are certain times when those of you who are handy with tools are able to do certain electrical tasks around your home or business without calling in an electrician. But there are definitely times when calling in a pro is the smartest move, especially when your safety is concerned. Here is a list of five times when it makes sense to call a professional electrician, rather than trying to go the DIY route.

  1. When the work is being permitted

Many electrical projects require a permit from your local building department, and this means that all of your electrical work needs to be up to code. Our licensed electricians know the building code and will do the work right the first time, so you can pass inspection and not hold up your building or remodel project. Continue reading “5 Times it’s Important to Call an Electrician in and Around the Flint and Grand Blanc Areas” »

Protect Your Grand Blanc Home from Damaging Power Surges with a Surge Protective Device

Power surges can happen at any time, knocking out your home’s power and causing damage to your electrical equipment. Power surges are often associated with lightning strikes, but that is only one cause, and not even the most common one. Power surges can also be caused by faulty wiring, downed power lines, or malfunctioning utility company equipment.

As experienced electricians in Genesee County, we’ve seen the damage that can be done by power surges when a home is left unprotected. That’s why we recommend that homeowners in Grand Blanc, Flint, Pontiac, and the surrounding areas install a whole-house surge protector, also known as a surge protective device. Continue reading “Protect Your Grand Blanc Home from Damaging Power Surges with a Surge Protective Device” »

Protecting You and Your Home From Electrical Fires

October 4-10, 2015 is National Fire Prevention Week, a national observance sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to commemorate the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. During the week, many schools and communities will offer educational programs and messages on fire prevention, centered around this year’s theme: “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep. Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!”

According to the NFPA, in cases where home fires were large enough to set off a smoke alarm, battery powered alarms, which are found in many homes, only operated 79% of the time, while hardwired smoke alarms operated 93% of the time. A properly installed hardwired smoke alarm can literally save your life! Continue reading “Protecting You and Your Home From Electrical Fires” »

Our Experience Sets Us Apart Among Electricians in Grand Blanc and Genesee County

Having an electrician who has “been there, done that” is essential when it comes to certain jobs. There are some electricians that focus mainly on new construction and have very little experience in handling the complex situations that can arise with older homes or buildings.

When you hire Electrician Express, you can rest assured that the electrical professional we send to your home or business is experienced and well trained to handle any electrical problem or need. Our staff has more than 32 years of combined experience in electrical troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance. We have experience with the electrical issues common to older homes and buildings and are also able to work with you on remodels and new construction projects. Continue reading “Our Experience Sets Us Apart Among Electricians in Grand Blanc and Genesee County” »

The Importance of Building a Relationship with a Trusted Electrician

We understand that when you are looking for an electrician in Grand Blanc or Genesee County that there are many choices. So, how do you decide who will complete the job properly and give you the best service?

We think the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from past customers are a great way to get a better understanding of the quality of service we provide, and we hope they help you make the decision as to which electrician you should hire.

Take this review we received from a repeat customer:

“This was our third occasion to use your service. As always, very pleased with the work done, the cost, and the pleasant manner. Would recommend highly to anyone needing an electrician!”

J. Holden, Flint, MI Continue reading “The Importance of Building a Relationship with a Trusted Electrician” »